Bird Pose Yoga

Bird Pose Yoga

Become the Witness

The yogi is able to move into the perceptional position of a witness to all sensory experiences, which include the activity of the mind, and therefore is not ruled by them. The yogi investigates the one who is witnessing the senses and when established in this practice, eventually merges with the one who is witnessing all phenomenon.

Cause No Harm

Not only does causing no harm work to support life force in all beings, it helps to eliminate bad karma and support positive karma. Over time, it becomes obvious to the spiritual aspirant that causing no intentional harm is actually a natural state of being and therefore one adjusts to this behavior out of personal and universal choice, not out of obligation or fear.

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Karma is caused by the reactionary tendencies towards feelings and sensations as they arises. When these reactions continue to be fuelled and re-affirmed, one continues to re-energize and create similar outcomes and continues the generation of karma. When one comes to a place of non-reactivity and insight regarding feelings and sensations, karma is naturally burned up and eventually extinguished, leaving the yogi free of all karmic affects.

Acceptance of Both Positivity and Negativity

Negativity in its various forms, is a natural part of the human condition and learning to accept, observe and discontinue to feed negativity becomes a yogic practice. In this way negative states are not seen as a failure or something to be ashamed or guilty of, rather negativity is an energy that can be utilized for one’s growth and transformation. Both positive and negative states are therefore utilized for burning up past karmas and utilized for self-realization.

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