Bird Of Paradise Pose Yoga

Bird Of Paradise Pose Yoga


Big sighs, “arrrh,” and natural human sounds during the yoga practice are always encouraged and promoted in Oriental yoga due to their powerful affects on deepening the breath, calming the mind and releasing emotional and psychological stressors.

Mantras are useful tools that also help to deepen the breath, release tension and they tend to neutralize the activity of the mind. Essentially, it does not matter which mantra one focuses on and practices because they all produce similar results. However, I have found the following mantras to be simple, effective and of great personal benefit.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong loosely translates as “energy work” and refers to the practice of moving and invigorating Qi energy in and around the body. Qi Gong provides a gentle yet powerful energetic practice that can be incorporated alongside yoga asana practices. Qi Gong could be considered a yin style practice and yoga asana, a yang style practice therefore, both work well to compliment each other.

The main benefits of Qi Gong include:

– Gentle on the joints

– Lubricates and nourishes joints

– Encourages dynamic and proper energy flow

– Supports proper breathing

– Generates sensitivity to the sensation of feeling Qi

– Very calming and relaxing for the nervous system

– Supports the re-training and reorganization of the nervous system and muscle movement behavior for far greater efficiency and effectiveness

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