Bikram Yoga Water Bottle

Bikram Yoga Water Bottle


Using a symptom as the portal, the LifeLine practitioner is able to use the LifeLine Flow Chart to discover the specific subconscious emotional patterns of disconnection and instantly harmonize these imbalances with the frequency of Infinite Love and Gratitude. As with Dr. Emoto’s water-crystal research, these profound words have a direct influence on the molecular structure of the body. Defining “Infinite Love and Gratitude” helps us appreciate why.

From time and the cosmos to the cycle of the seasons and life itself, the universe is infinite. It’s forever expanding and undefined. Therefore, as a being of the universe, your mind possesses the nature and potential of the infinite. The infinite universe and mind are the great frontier, the endless entity of boundless mystery. Acknowledging your connection to the infinite universe and the infinite mind is fundamental to understanding the unlimited potential that you possess. This view is magnified to infinity by the core truth that you’re a spiritual being having a human-being experience. By “being,” you experience the infinite essence and wonder of life.

It has been said that there are only two true emotions, love and fear. All other feelings are an extension of these two. However, love takes precedence, for it’s only when love is absent that fear is present.

The experience of fear is a gift. True fear happens in a moment of danger and then is immediately released. It’s a survival mechanism that’s governed by the reptilian brain. The end result of living a life in a constant state of fear is victimization and suffering. Louise L. Hay, the author of many best- selling blogs, including You Can Heal Your Life, is the matriarch of teaching people to love themselves. She has helped millions around the world with this simple yet profound concept. She so eloquently states, “If you change your thoughts, you change your reality.” As Dr. Emoto has demonstrated, choosing to love, accept, and forgive unconditionally is universally the most powerful healing energy.

We give thanks to individuals or experiences that we value. However, what about the painful, scary, and challenging people and experiences in our lives? By embracing them with the “attitude of gratitude,” we’re acknowledging them as having worth. Value gives life meaning, and with meaning we’re able to transcend victimization and suffering. The most powerful people throughout all of history have endured the most difficult situations. A belief structure that every challenge is an opportunity for growth or a vehicle for spiritual awakening empowers a person to move through life in a heroic fashion. We all have the capacity to be heroes to move through the painful and scary experiences of life with faith, courage, and determination and to trust that everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t understand the meaning in the moment. It all begins with the power of Infinite Love and Gratitude.

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For the past five years, I’ve been teaching seminars internationally to both laypersons and healing-arts professionals. The philosophy of The LifeLine Technique is simple to understand. It combines the best of natural-healing modalities into a unified system that transforms the core emotions trapped within the subconscious mind. Just like the transformation of distilled water into various crystals, the change occurs instantaneously within the mind and body. We continue to document The LifeLine Technique and the power of Infinite Love and Gratitude with live blood-cell analysis and have repeatedly found that both a person’s perception of their environment and the function of their internal physiology are transformed.

Let me share an example in which the documentation was provided by the patient’s medical doctor, with before and after reports. In the summer and early fall of 2003, a patient I’ll refer to as “Alice” began experiencing uterine bleeding and abdominal pains. The lower area of her stomach was also protruding. At first Alice, who was 51 at the time, thought she might be pregnant. Instead, a gynecological exam and subsequent biopsies revealed three ovarian cysts and a fibroid tumor the size of a grapefruit. The masses were all found to be benign.

Alice came to see me shortly after the diagnosis. I knew that with The LifeLine Technique we would be able to determine the root cause of why her subconscious mind was using the symptoms of a fibroid tumor and ovarian cysts to communicate. But to help facilitate the healing process, Alice had to take responsibility. I discussed with her the importance of following the Five Basics of Optimal Health the proper quantity, quality, and frequency of water, food, rest, and exercise and owning her power.

As we continued to work together, the abdominal bleeding and pain ceased, and ultrasound and sonogram tests showed that the masses were shrinking. Despite that, Alice’s gynecologist believed that they should be surgically removed.

On the day that Alice was scheduled to have the cysts removed, the operating room was overbloged. After waiting eight-and-a-half hours for the surgical appointment, she chose to leave the hospital. She later told me that she accepted the opinion of her doctor; however, she’d been to a LifeLine seminar and knew in her heart that her body had the power to heal itself.

During a subsequent treatment using The LifeLine Technique, Alice’s subconscious mind revealed a limiting belief being held in her root chakra dating back to the age of 12 and associated with the emotions of regret, guilt, and fear. I asked her to pay attention to what immediately came to mind when I said those words aloud. This is what she told me:

Immediately, my thoughts went back to the time I was awakened by an argument between my parents. It was the first time I’d ever heard them raise their voices to each other. The next thing I knew, my father was standing above me with a knife raised over my head. But when he looked me in the eye, he stopped. He attacked my sister instead, stabbing her to death in front of me.

I thought my father hadn’t hurt me because I’d looked him in the eye; and I believe that if I’d awakened my sister, she, too, might still be alive. I always felt guilty that I survived and my sister didn’t. Subconsciously, I felt remorse, guilt, regret, and fear for not having the courage and presence of mind to wake her up.

Reflecting on my experience of the treatment with The LifeLine Technique, I came to accept and appreciate the strength and purpose of lives such as my sister’s that were so unfairly and suddenly cut short. As a result of the treatment, I’ve experienced an inner sense of peace and confidence and now resolve to forgive myself, and commit on a much deeper level to my well-being in all areas of my life and relationships.

Over the next nine months, Alice made conscientious efforts to follow the Five Basics of Optimal Health and continued weekly treatments. In August 2005, tests indicated that her uterus had returned to normal size and that all of the masses were gone.

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