Big Toe Yoga Pose

Health care providers and trainees are often subject to severe work Big Toe Yoga Pose stress, vicarious traumatization, and burnout. Some become casualties of substance abuse as a means Big Toe Yoga Pose to relax or escape the emotional fallout from their work. Others suffer from anxiety, insomnia, or depression.

Mind-body practices can provide a healthy method to relieve physical and emotional tension. For mental health care providers, yoga and meditation can enhance the ability to remain calm during challenging sessions, increase alertness and mental focus, and improve energy.

Health care providers may benefit from mind-body practices to improve stress resilience, mood, energy, calmness, mental focus, sleep, and stress-related physical problems. Many health care providers report that yoga practices are an antidote for professional stress and burnout. They realize that sustaining energy, enthusiasm, and equanimity are vital for their work as healers.

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