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Visual mass media, celebrity and the power of fitness

The advent of television shortly after WW2 had a huge impact on Western culture. Before that the film industry had been thriving, creating stars and celebrities idolised by the public. But television led to an explosion in this celebrity discourse. The West became dominated by a culture of images. Visual mass media proved to be forceful promoters and entertainers. Sports – dynamic, competitive and strongly visual – moved into prominence in the consciousness of the masses and inspired them to engage in sport and become fit. The visual mass media thrived on making the individual performer into a star: the actress, the boxer, the football player, and the dancer. Whoever had a pleasing exterior and the ability to attract attention became the darling of news media, gossip columns and talk shows. The narcissistic character – a person who craved to be the centre of attention and admiration – was sucked into the maelstrom of fame, vanity, glamour and fleeting glory offered by an image producing mass-industry.

Rosea extract used in Rosavin by Amerden did not elevate circulating Bhujangasana Yoga Pose estradiol levels, nor did it increase uterine size in ovariectomized rats Eagon, Elm, Gerbarg Bhujangasana Yoga Pose , Brown, & Check, 2003. The discrepancy between the lack of estrogenicity in the Eagon study versus Gerasimova’s observations may be due to differences in the source of the herb wild grown vs. cultivated and extraction procedures. Moreover, in rats given estradiol implants, R. Rosea reduced the excessive increase in estradiol that normally occurs with these implants Eagon, personal communication, 2003. Research on the use of R. rosea in treating hormonal disorders is warranted. Clinical experience with R.

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