Bhujang Asana Variations Cobra Pose in Hatha Yoga I Yoga for Beginners

Start with petrovna. And then slowly lie down on the belly bring the feet a little distant apart forehead on the floor place your hands by the side of your Apes elbow close to the torso slowly inhale and lift your head and trunk back from the floor open your chest and fix your gaze active of your nose stay several breath here slow Andi exhale slowly and start coming down relax in Makris onna or crocodile position with one hand on top of the other to make a pillow for the head now be ready for second various innovations.

Bhujang Asana Variations Cobra Pose in Hatha Yoga I Yoga for Beginners Photo Gallery

Asana come on same position as in first variation lock the fingers behind the back inhale and lift your head and run back from the floor straight training and tightening both the arms stay for several slow and deep breath, if open your chest with exhale come back to Madras and relax now the third variation of bhujang Asana stay in mac rosanna position with feet little apart keep your hand in the same position with inhale lift your head and run back.

And straighten your arms stays several breath here. And then exhale and relax in Matroska again now be ready for fourth variation of genres now do as we did in fresh variation now just leave both your palms trying to open your chest with each inhalation while excellence and relax in my nah relax your muscles entire upper back relax from Macross and I come back to petrovna position now bring your knee apart exhale and go forward to Shashank Asana try to open your vertebra slow and deep breathe continue inhale. And come back to Madras ‘no position close your eyes and focus on them relax.

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