Bharadwaj Asana to Reduce Waistline 2 Minutes Yoga Twist Pose

Sit on your hips with the legs spread out in front of you in none dozen in him and fold the right leg outward exhale hold the left leg and keep the foot on the upper root of right thigh inhale open your spine while exhale bring the left hand from the back and hold the left toes keep right palm on the outside of the left knee again inhale spine open exhale twist from the navel and look back from the left side stay 5 to 10 breath here come out of the posture and repeat eat other side again start from the dandasan. And this time left hold your left leg catch your left right tools and while axle first from never Dan chaste then solder. And then neck to always pushed from Neville then chase then solder. And then neck just watch your incoming and outgoing breath come out the poster and again sit in the Anderson. And just relax you.

Bharadwaj Asana to Reduce Waistline 2 Minutes Yoga Twist Pose Photo Gallery

Bhastrika Pranayama Variations Yoga Breathing

Sit in sukh Asana and watch your several breath here be ready for first variation of ostraca pranayama close your finger in out in and out equal inhale and exhale slowly come back and relax in so cussin and deep long breath here now be ready for second variation of a streak of pranayama this time inhale hands up finger open exhale down in out so um so um so um after few round just be relaxed and again slow and even breathing the third variation without hands moment equal inhale and exhale forcefully in and forcefully out it is important not to breathe rapidly too many times. But after, if you read each breath take several slow ones in between emphasizing the long exhalation now be relaxed here. And just long deep breath focus on long exhalation. And just watch your breath make it relax and relax and relax.

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