Best Yoga Poses For Digestion

Best Yoga Poses For Digestion

I have tried this in my relationship and found that it works, I cannot remember a lot of things we have quibbled about now either and our relationship has flourished as a result of this policy.

I also like to feel that I forgive people for pretty much anything. Again this is not very important. If someone else wants to live in Wally World and say something offensive that it is up to them. Whether I take it as an offense is up to me. Generally I try not to be offended in the first place therefore I do not require an apology from anyone else.

However if someone else is upset by something I have said then I am quite happy to sincerely apologise and ask forgiveness. I value our relationship much more than “being right”. At worst I will just open up the discussion again to see if we can agree through a new approach.

By apologising and forgiving then this usually makes your mind forget. You do not hang on to things like you do with a grudge or “unfinished business”. It makes you so much lighter in your life when you do not have this sort of baggage to carry around.

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