Best Lower Body Dumbbell Exercises

Best Lower Body Dumbbell Exercises

The 1.5-Mile Run-Walk Test Equipment A running track or course that is flat and provides exact measurements of up to 1.5 miles A stopwatch, clock, or watch with a second hand Preparation

You may want to practice pacing yourself prior to taking the test to avoid going too fast at the start and becoming prematurely fatigued. Allow yourself a day or two to recover from your practice run before taking the test.

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1. Warm up before taking the test. Do some walking or easy jogging.

2. Try to cover the distance as fast as possible without overexerting yourself. If possible, monitor your own time, or have someone call out your time at various intervals of the test to determine whether your pace is correct.

3. Record the amount of time, in minutes and seconds, it takes you to complete the 1.5-mile distance.

Running-walking time:minsec

4. Cool down after the test by walking or jogging slowly for about five minutes.

Determining Maximal Oxygen Consumption

1. Convert your running time from minutes and seconds to a decimal figure. For example, a time of 14 minutes and 25 seconds would be 14 + (25/60), or 14.4 minutes.

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