Best Exercises Each Body Part

Best Exercises Each Body Part

Beep Test The 12-Minute Swim Test If you enjoy swimming and prefer to build a cardiorespiratory training program around this type of exercise, you can assess your cardiorespiratory endurance by taking the 12-Minute Swim Test. You will receive a rating based on the distance you can swim in 12 minutes. A complete fitness program based on swimming is presented in Chapter 7. Note, however, that this test is appropriate only for relatively strong swimmers who are confident in the water. If you are unsure about your swimming ability, this test may not be appropriate for you. If necessary, ask your school’s swim coach or a qualified swimming instructor to evaluate your ability in the water before attempting this test.

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1. A swimming pool that provides measurements in yards

2. A wall clock that is clearly visible from the pool, or someone with a watch who can time you


You may want to practice pacing yourself before taking the test to avoid going too fast at the start and becoming prematurely fatigued. Allow yourself a day or two to recover from your practice swim before taking the test.


1. Warm up before taking the test. Do some walking or light jogging before getting in the pool. Once in the water, swim a lap or two at an easy pace to make sure your muscles are warm and you are comfortable.

2. Try to cover the distance as fast as possible without overeserting yourself. If possible, monitor your own time, or have someone call out your time at various intervals of the test to determine whether your pace is correct.

3. Record the distance, in yards, that you were able to cover during the 12-minute period.

4. Cool down after the test by swimming a lap or two at an easy pace.

5. Use the following chart to gauge your level of cardiorespiratory fitness.

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