Best Bodyweight Lat Exercises

Best Bodyweight Lat Exercises

Next, average your daily intake totals for the three days and enter them in the chart below. For example, if your three daily totals for the fruit group were 1 cup, 1/ cups, and 2 cups, your average daily intake would be 1/ cups. Fill in the recommended intake totals that apply to you from Figure 8.5 and Table 8.6.

How did you score? How close is your diet to that recommended by MyPlate? Are you surprised by the amount of food you are consuming from each food group or from added sugars and solid fats?

What should you do next? If the results of the assessment indicate that you could boost your level of wellness by improving your diet, set realistic goals for change. Do you need to increase or decrease your consumption of any food groups? List any areas of concern below, along with a goal for change and strategies for achieving the goal you’ve set. If you see that you are falling short in one food group, such as fruits or vegetables but have many foods that are rich in discretionary calories from solid fats and added sugars, try decreasing those items in favor of an apple, a bunch of grapes, or some baby carrots. Think carefully about the reasons behind your food choices. For example, if you eat doughnuts for breakfast every morning because you feel rushed, make a list of ways to save time to allow for a healthier breakfast.

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Enter the results of this lab in the Preprogram Assessment column in Appendix C. If you’ve set goals and identified strategies for change, begin putting your plan into action. After several weeks of your program, complete this lab again and enter the results in the Postprogram Assessment column of Appendix C. How do the results compare?

You can complete this activity using either a nutrition analysis software program or information about the nutrient content of foods available online; see the For Further Exploration section and page A-1 for recommended websites. (This lab asks you to analyze one day’s diet. For a more complete and accurate assessment of your diet, analyze the results from several different days, including a weekday and a weekend day.)

Fill in the appropriate DRI values for vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron from Table 1 in the Nutrition Resources section.

Total the values in each column. Protein and carbohydrate provide 4 calories per gram; fat provides 9 calories per gram. For example, if you consume a total of 270 grams of carbohydrates and 2000 calories, your percentage of total calories from carbohydrates would be (270 g x 4 cal/g) 1 2000 cal = 54%. Do not include data for alcoholic beverages in your calculations. Percentages may not total 100% due to rounding.

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