Best Bodyweight Exercises Quads

Best Bodyweight Exercises Quads

Have you ever compulsively engaged in a behavior that had negative consequences?

What was the behavior, and why did you continue? Were you able to bring the behavior under control? If so, how?

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Internet Addiction Research indicates that surfing the Internet can also be addictive. To spend more time online, Internet addicts skip important school, social, or recreational activities. Despite negative financial, social, or academic consequences, they don’t feel able to stop. As with other addictive behaviors, online addicts may be using their behavior to alleviate stress or avoid painful emotions. There is some concern that widespread access to the Internet may expose many more people to other potentially addictive behaviors, including gambling and shopping. By some estimates, millions of Americans are compulsive Internet users as many as one out of eight people; college students approximate one out of seven. In one study of Internet addiction, addicts averaged 38 online hours per week.

Other behaviors that can become addictive include exercising, eating, gaming, watching TV, and working. Any substance or activity that becomes the focus of one’s life at the expense of other needs can be damaging to health.

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