Best Bodyweight Exercises For Mass

Best Bodyweight Exercises For Mass

Cardiovascular Fitness Rating 12-Minute Swim Test Using Your Results How did you score? Does your rating for cardiovascular fitness surprise you? Are you satisfied with your current rating? If you’re not satisfied, set a realistic goal for improvement:

Are you satisfied with your current level of cardiovascular fitness as evidenced in your daily life your ability to walk, run, bicycle, climb stairs, do yard work, or engage in recreational activities?

If you’re not satisfied, set some realistic goals for improvement, such as completing a 5K run or 25-mile bike ride:

What should you do next? Enter the results of this lab in the Preprogram Assessment column in Appendix C. If you’ve set goals for improvement, begin planning your cardiorespiratory endurance esercise program by completing the plan in Lab 3.2. After several weeks of your program, complete this lab again, and enter the results in the Postprogram Assessment column of Appendix C. How do the results compare? (Remember, it’s best to compare V^max scores for the same test.)

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Goals. List goals for your cardiorespiratory endurance exercise program. Your goals can be specific or general, short or long term. In the first section, include specific, measurable goals that you can use to track the progress of your fitness program. These goals might be things like raising your cardiorespiratory fitness rating from fair to good or swimming laps for 30 minutes without resting. In the second section, include long-term and more qualitative goals, such as improving self-confidence and reducing your risk for chronic disease.

Specific Goals: Current Status Final Goals

Other goals:

2. Type of Activities. Choose one or more endurance activities for your program. These can include any activity that uses large-muscle groups, can be maintained continuously, and is rhythmic and aerobic in nature. Examples include walking, jogging, cycling, group exercise such as aerobic dance, rowing, rope skipping, stair-climbing, cross-country skiing, swimming, skating, and endurance game activities such as soccer and tennis. Choose activities that are both convenient and enjoyable. Fill in the activity names on the program plan.

3. Frequency. On the program plan, fill in how often you plan to participate in each activity; the ACSM recommends participating in cardiorespiratory endurance exercise three-five days per week.

Intensity. Determine your exercise intensity using one of the following methods, and enter it on the program plan. Begin your program at a lower intensity and slowly increase intensity as your fitness improves, so select a range of intensities for your program.

Target heart rate zone: Calculate target heart rate zone in beats per minute and then calculate the corresponding 10-second exercise count by dividing the total count by 6. For example, the 10-second exercise counts corresponding to a target heart rate zone of 122-180 bpm would be 20-30 beats.

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