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When it comes to achieving weight-loss success, there are a few simple rules that, if followed, will make the journey a great deal easier.


When you’re trying to lose weight and squeeze back into your favourite pair of jeans, it’s not just a matter of reducing your calorie intake. You need to maintain a well-balanced and varied diet to ensure your body has all the energy and nutrients it requires to burn fat most efficiently.

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Drinking sufficient water is absolutely vital to weight loss, but is frequently overlooked by dieters. Not only does water act as a natural appetite suppressant, it also aids your body’s metabolic and fat-burning processes.


This one’s a no-brainer. Working out frequently isn’t just good for weight loss: it can have a positive impact on all aspects of your health. Alternate between aerobic and strength work for the greatest drop in body fat.


When it comes to dieting, one of the most important factors is motivation. Weight loss requires time, hard work and dedication, so make your workouts as fun and interesting as possible. Only do exercises you enjoy, train with friends and create your own playlists.


There are many supplements on the market, all designed to assist weight loss in a number of ways. In our opinion, Raspberry Ketone 2:2:1, by Forza, is the best (£23 for 90 capsules; forza The product is a safe, natural and effective way of boosting your body’s metabolism. Say hello to the new slimmer you.

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