Best Beauty Products 2018

Best Beauty Products 2018

Welcome to this month’s beauty pages. We have a few products for us ladies – but this time not forgetting our lovely men, we have a men’s skincare special on all products from shaving and moisturising to dandruff treatment. Hope you enjoy…

This tinted mineral mousse is 100% natural and contains just 9 key ingredients including Brazilian green tea, golden seaweed extracts, vitamin E and jojoba oil – all providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used as a primer and foundation, and is specifically designed to refine the skin, smooth pores and give an instant lift. It feels great when you put it on, but apply it with the Vitage Skin Perfector Brush for perfect coverage. Daily Perfector ,,, Brush available from Space NK.

SCOTTISH FINE SOAPS Lovely floral notes for our summer months, and if the sun isn’t out at least there’s a nice sent in the air. Beautifully packaged, this would look super stylish in your bathroom or make the ideal present for that special someone. Made from a vegetable soap base and all ethically sourced ingredients, these soaps are triple milled to help cleanse and nourish the skin. and available in Lavender, Jasmine, Wild Rose and White Lily from

CLAUD ALIE PREMIER CRU THE EYE CREAM’ One of my favourites from the popular Claudalie range, this dynamic eye cream offers the ultimate anti ageing action for instantly transformed eyes. It’s great for hydrating, relieving puffiness and sorting out those dark circles and it can even be used for those fine lines around the mouth! A wonderful eyelift in a bottle! available from claudalie.coma

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This premium product is an extra-magical healing balm that’s great for extremely dry, irritated skin, eczema, and for soothing distressed and sensitive skin. It can be used anywhere as often as necessary to provide lasting hydration and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. Its 21 natural, concentrated ingredients include aloe vera, beeswax, zinc, and their powerful ‘serenity seed complex’ which includes cumin seed oil and blackcurrant


This excellent anti-ageing kit from Green People is a must for targeting wrinkles and illuminating the complexion. The handy little box contains three, highly effective skincare essentials to hydrate, smooth and firm.

Step 1: Hydrate

Vitamin Fix is a vitamin-packed alcohol free 24-hour moisturiser! Nutrients from avocado oil and evening primrose help regenerate while the jojoba esters and squalane help with long-term hydration. This is basically full to the brim of rejuvenating and regenerating goodness.

Step 2: Smooth

The magic is called fruit full nights! One to work away fine lines and help with pigmentation, while pineapple and wild berry extracts lift away dead skin cells to leave you with shining, younger looking skin.

Step 3: Firm

This eye gel cools and refreshes and the chicory and tara bush gives an instant firming effect – something we all want around our peepers! The organic ingredients also help reduce wrinkles and improve longterm elasticity. ?34-95 available from seed oil. It may be pricey but it’s worth every penny, especially when you read up on how many people its helped suffering from various skin conditions. £99 (75m0 39 (3°m0 available at Urban Retreat in Harrods or

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