Benefits Of Water Exercise

Benefits Of Water Exercise


What happens when we become dehydrated? Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj says that in his experience, “It is chronic water shortage in the body that causes most diseases of the human body.” When we lack water, we lose our vital connection with this life-giving substance, and the result is stress in our physical systems. All the fluids of the body become affected, the information transmission is scrambled, and we no longer work efficiently on all levels. Without sufficient water, we’re not allowing the fluid intelligence of life to nurture and sustain us.

For example, when we’re learning new things, the brain uses up a lot of water by connecting to what it already knows, adding the fresh information, and attempting to make conscious what may at first be beneath consciousness. Drinking extra water helps hugely in the learning process. This has been tried in schools and other learning environments with great success.

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The nervous system, including the brain, operates in the cerebrospinal fluid. If this part of the body is lacking in water, then the brain and nervous system go into a stressed state. Anxiety, panic, tension, difficulty with learning, and even clumsiness can result. Ironically, the stress itself can cause further dehydration, as the nervous system needs more water to cope with any new situation.

We can apply our understanding of water in a metaphorical way to the fluids of the body. We can easily check if a person is dehydrated by using kinesiological muscle testing. This can tell us the location of the problem, how it’s affecting the system, and the trigger that set it off in the first place. Old traumas, shock, ongoing emotional states, and other difficulties may all trigger imbalances.

A young woman came to see me because she was suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, and asthmatic breathing. I found that she wasn’t dehydrated overall. She knew the value of drinking six or seven glasses of water a day. She knew not to count tea, coffee, and fruit juice as water, since the body treats them as food. Nevertheless, we found that her nervous system was dehydrated. For some reason, her body wasn’t absorbing water in this area. Using kinesiology, I tracked the source of the problem and we found that the trigger was a trauma in her family some years before. She remembered that her asthma had started then (this condition can be one of the signs of dehydration in the body).

A potent approach to healing is to witness the trigger, accept it, and then find the appropriate energy technique to restore balance, health, and vitality. Here, we used energy techniques to restore the young woman’s nervous system to a state of full hydration. She didn’t even need to drink any more water than before. After the treatment, her anxiety and panic decreased and her wheeziness disappeared. She was able to move forward in her life, leaving the trauma behind her.

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