Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is a great way to build core strength and stability, boost our immunity, reduce stress and tension, boost self-confidence, improve circulation and suppleness, increase joint flexibility, deepen our breath, and tone all major muscle groups.

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Begin with your legs lined up under your hipbones, knees slightly bent, abs tucked, chest lifted, and arms out. Maintaining this posture, bend your knees a bit more. Now, straighten your right knee so that the right hip shifts up, and then bend your right knee again to re-center your hips. Repeat this same movement on the left side, straightening your left knee so that the left hip shifts up, then bending your left, knee again to re-center your hips. As you move, keep your heels planted on the floor. This will make it easier to find these isolated movements.

Continue to move in this manner, for a total of fifty isolations on each side, switching from side to side.


Once you’re comfortable with hip isolations, we’ll start to incorporate arm movements. When we’re belly dancing, our arms always remain energetic. Relax your shoulders and position your arms in start position as if you are holding a large beach ball. Now open and close your arms as if you were expanding the size of the ball, moving your wrists backward and forward.


Alternatively, we can use Temple Arms. In this position, lift your arms above your head, keeping your shoulders drawn down. Cross your wrists over your head, drawing your elbows back. From this position, allow your hands to move, using them as a form of expression. Have fun with this!

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