Bedtime Yoga Poses

Bedtime Yoga Poses

If like me you remember the song you are probably singing along now and smiling too. You will not only enjoy the song and the lyrics but you will also be remembering Louis Armstrong too. That lovely big smile on his face and in his voice.

Music can be so uplifting, mood changing and inspirational. This song certainly does it for me. It is worth considering this song and other ones in your life too. Listen to the lyrics in this song and really wallow in the positive nature of them and think about how you can enjoy your working life even more.

For my wife and me, this song was part of our wedding and is on our wedding day video too. This additional meaning for me is also very evocative too. I think of my wife, the sheer joy of declaring our love for each other on that day (nearly 8 years ago now) and it just gets better and better as we grow into our relationship.

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What songs, can you think of that evoke memories, particularly in your working life? Baby Jane by Rod Stewart does it for me as I heard this outside my office window for weeks one hot summer, sung by a labourer happy in his work. It reminds me of the warm summer days and reminds me to lift my spirits at work too!

Can you smile like Louis Armstrong? I bet you can if you try. Put a smile into your work. Things a bit down? People fearing for their jobs? Think of this song and just smile and let others see you smiling. We work so much better when we are smiling. It is also one of the secrets of being a great leader, to make others be inspired and happy. You can switch that switch by listening to some uplifting music.

Get that smile on your face, not an insincere smile, but one that you feel and emits love. Love your life, love your job and you too will soon be Working Wow!!!

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