Does Bed Rest During Pregnancy Really Help?

I have been put on bed rest by my doc, what now?

Speak to your doc and figure out if the bed rest is really critical or is it in response to your or your family’s hyper behaviour. Also, engage with a doctor who is willing to talk to you, answer your questions and is appreciative of the fact that it may be routine for her / him, but for you this is make or break. Have Kangana’s attitude and learn from what she said on Karan Johar’s show—her director shouldn’t be a dictator but someone who sees it as a collaboration. Know that your smooth delivery reflects well on your doc’s resume too. If your doc is a dictator, drop him and find another one; the last thing you need right now is stress.

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The lecture apart, know that bed rest will lead to a drop in insulin sensitivity and make you further prone to complications. Ask your doc whether you can stand often, walk around a bit—the answer to this is yes most of the time. And if it’s a complete no, ask if it’s for a few days or does your doc envision this to be your state for the next few months all the way to your delivery. And if you really can’t do anything but be in bed all day, then move your muscles, contract and relax them while lying down so that at least some stimuli is being provided. And though you cannot completely undo the damage that the body will go through, at least you are limiting it, and can be back to rebuilding the tone and fitness in the body in a couple of months post delivery.

Hint: if your doc is saying that you can walk to the loo, then it means that light movement for the body where you are not unduly exerting yourself is not going to hurt. Also remember, movement / activity / exercise is critical for better blood flow to the foetus, keeping your BP down and preventing piles and constipation.

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