Basic Yoga Poses

I have witnessed on so many occasions that the mention of yoga inspires a common reaction such as “I can’t touch my toes”, “I’m not flexible enough” or “yoga isn’t for me.”

Much more than a workout, the many physical benefits of yoga are amazing. It has this magical way of making you connect and fall in love with yourself, which is very appropriate for the season of love…

It is true., yoga allows you to peel away all the layers and brings you back to the true essence of you. I believe that the more we cultivate a yoga practice the more we will fall in love with ourselves as we become more comfortable in our own skin both literally and metaphorically and practise ahimsa (non-violence) both on and off the mat. We learn to stretch and remove any tension from our body. Metaphorically by getting to know ourselves better from the inside out.

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The ways in which yoga can help you to fall in love with you is by helping to identify how you talk about and to ourselves.

By beginning to know ourselves better we are more in the moment, the here and the now. We are really able to listen to what we want and see how important life is and how we can be the best and authentic version of ourselves.

This will happen when we go beyond the physical practice of yoga allowing the internal journey of positive self-transformation to begin. Providing the opportunity of greater self-care and self-love not only to ourselves but to others as well.

At its core, yoga is a practice that promotes acceptance and a mind-body connection. But for people of a certain size, it can be anything but.

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