Basic Yoga Poses Pictures

Basic Yoga Poses Pictures

• It will hurt during training and afterward. Sitting can aggravate it.

• It usually begins gradually and is mild enough to ignore at first. If not treated it can progress and hurt in every workout, but is worse during hill runs and long runs/walks.

• The pain is sometimes hard to pinpoint and may move a little each day.

• It hurts more when pressing firmly with the fingers deeply into the gluteal area. Rubbing or massaging the area may provide relief.

• Stretching the hip by turning the leg outward or inward may either provide relief or stimulate the pain.

• Another variation is pain felt near the waist or streaks of pain going into the thigh and sometimes the lower leg. See a doctor in these cases to investigate nerve symptoms from the back or other areas. The pain may come from the spine even when not felt in the back.

• Most commonly, the pain comes from one or more of the gluteal muscle groups.

• There are also 6 smaller muscles in the area and it is often difficult to pinpoint the source which is not needed for prescribing treatment. Conservative treatment and the treatment listed below works for all muscle groups.

• The sciatic nerve passes through this area and can be irritated by the muscles when they tighten.

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