Balance: Energy In, Energy Out


Food reflects the cycle of birth, growth, and renewal of the earth’s living thingsa cycle that includes you.

What you eat, how much you eat, how you eat, how often you eat (energy in), how you move, and how often you move (energy out) relate to a 100 percent healthy you.


Water is a nutrient that drips or drizzles, falls or flutters from the sky onto the ground. It can take the form of mist or steam or fog. It becomes icicles or snowbanks that melt into streams that rush into rivers, collect in lakes. It seeps from springs or is pulled by pumps from wells.

You contain water.

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In fact, about 70 percent of your body weight is water.

Foods can contain waterand some have lots of it, like watermelon. (Think of it: Raisins are dehydrated, or dried, grapes. )

Among other things, water is needed to regulate your body temperature, carry nutrients around your body, and help get rid of waste.


Sunlight is not only important for building strong bonesit’s deeply involved in the process of lifting your spirits.

The sun rises and sets in astounding, flaming shades of orange or pale apricot pastel colors. It warms you and cheers you. It promises that there will always be another tomorrow.

The sun sets for a reason.


Rest and sleep are essential for good health.




A hen lays an egg. She sits and sits on it. It hatches into a chick that peeps, pecks bugs and seeds, grows into a hen, and lays an egg.


An orange ripens and falls to the ground. It rolls downhill into the sunlight and rots. Its seeds sprout, take root, and grow into trees that produce oranges.

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