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Today, mudras are mainly restricted to hand gestures’ by yoga popularisers, as shown in the two pictures. The meaning and intention of hand gestures may be purely symbolic: the gesture signifying a god or a divine energy field. By emulating a god through symbols one would attain his power. The hand gestures are often told by yoga popularisers to create a gentle awareness and redirection ofprana flow’. As the body is believed to be enmeshed in a field ofprana ‘ such gestures will influence this surrounding energy field.

Mudras as hand gestures

Alternatively some say that gestures are there to stop prana from radiating from the body the fingertips touching creates a closed circuit. Others maintain that the finger gestures are there to stop unconscious gestures. So there is little agreement among yoga popularisers, but their rhetoric often links the hand gesture mudras to Tantric mandala discourse.

For women at high risk of breast cancer e. g Bakasana Yoga Pose ., strong family history and those with breast cancer, licorice may be contraindicated. Dong quai Bakasana Yoga Pose Angelica sinensis, a component in Chinese tonics since 500 b.c., has estrogen-like activity and strong binding to estrogen receptors in vitro, stimulates uterine growth in ovariectomized rats, and induces progesterone secretion Belford-Courtney, 1993; Fackleman, 1998. The water-soluble extract of dong quai regulates uterine contractions while the essential oil relaxes uterine muscles. One DBPC trial of dong quai alone for menopause had negative results Hirata, Swiersz, Zell, Small, & Ettinger, 1997.

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