Back Pain Exercises During Pregnancy

Back Pain Exercises During Pregnancy

He who knows walks like a lion of the desert. Who will answer the roar of a lion? Only a lion, free of fear.

The Body

I shall deal here with only two factors which condition the present opportunity; these can be regarded as so completely hindering that, unless they are removed, there will be a long delay before Christ can return. They are:

The inertia of the average aspirant or spiritually-minded man.

The lack of money for the work of preparation.

The return of the Christ on the individual level has to do with the complete soul infusion of the personality. Overcoming the quality of inertia which is an inherent part of the makeup of the physical body is a considerable challenge for us all. It must be understood that the body and the activities carried out in the physical world are largely the product of old crystallised consciousness. Changing these patterns is effected by the empowerment of the etheric body from the Will aspect of the soul. This empowerment will work its way through the physical nature and re-pattern it over time.

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Healthy diet and exercise can help raise the quality of the material nature of the body, but real purification is a result of soul inflow via the etheric. For this reason the yogi is encouraged to take his attention off the physical body which is expressing the ‘past’, and to place it on striving towards the future knowing that this striving will have its natural consequences under law. Inertia and lack of money have a similar origin a lack of trust and striving.

Physical health and vitality are derived from the strivings of consciousness. Material wealth is generated out of the striving to contribute to life.

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