Airplane Yoga Pose

Airplane Yoga Pose

I had a Kundalini experience back in 1999, at a time where very few understood what was happening. The same continues today, and there is still a general lack of knowledgeable people dealing with a Kundalini experience.

To simplify our methods in instruction of Backdoor Yoga, we are not going into details of the Chakras, for that would be a blog by itself. We are only going to identify the location of the seven main centers of the body so there is an understanding of the Centers. Most charts start at the top of the body.Sinus Area (Ajna) / Third Eye Throat Heart Solar Plexus Splenic in Genitalia Area Root /Anus

These points of the body are very important to us and they all send out signals to us throughout the day. Most of the time they are minute but on occasion they are in combination and become very pronounced.

We all are familiar with hunger pains, and do not associate them with the Soul. Fear brings about the same gut feelings as hunger, but not as pronounced, in the Solar Plexus area. Our human frame is so in tune with the Soul on an everyday basis that it very difficult to determine what is happening. Awareness brings about a dialogue or a way of intercommunication with the Self, the Soul.

A good example is the Ajna Center or the Third Eye location, commonly referred to as the Sinus area. Quite a few people have constant annoying pains there. We call it a Sinus pain or Sinus headache and doctors call it a Sinus infection.

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