There is very little known about the Naths and their history.

As the Naths are still extant, we have some ethnographic accounts of their lifestyle and ideas352. Based on modern day information we can get some glimpses of their sociology. The Naths are a rural based group and are a borderline folk religion. Apparently they were often weavers and cultivators. They might have started as semi-nomads under pressure from Hinduisation and Muslim invasion. Many were (and still are) itinerant groups transacting with the rural population they were passing through. They offered services like hiring out horses and carts, recording of genealogies, selling manure, blacksmithing services, polishing cow horns. The itinerant aspect seems to have been strong among them as they are in the texts often described in deprecating words as beggarjogis’. Some of them were known as snake charmers.

However, today many of them are householders. They occupy a caste position (like the Brahmins do) offering religious services to other groups. So with the Naths we have a rural semi-nomadic population that is hard to categorise: a mixture of a class, a religious group, an economic niche, a tribe, and a rural stratum.

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