Ageless Yoga

A whopping number of the population is galloping toward fifty. This segment of our society, the baby boomers, will live longer than any generation before them and consider themselves the fittest generation on the planet. Nevertheless, many move into midlife with stress-related ailments and a host of physical problems once reserved for those decades older.

Yoga is not a cure for any disease, nor is it a magic bullet for ailments, but in conjunction with proper health habits you couldn’t ask for a better companion to age with. Lilias Folan, author of Lilias, Yoga, and Your Life, wrote that “yoga is for everyone, at any age. You can begin at any time of your life. If you are over sixty-five, there is no better time to start.”

Practicing yoga, many seniors discover the miracle of their bodies for the first time. Others are fascinated at just how good they feel, and for many, yoga is a natural extension of an already healthy lifestyle. Yoga is ageless.

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