Aero Pilates Reformer Exercises

Aero Pilates Reformer Exercises


A never-ending cycle of failure

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. ”

Most people think of exercise as a way of burning calories.

If they eat too much on the weekend, they figure they can burn it off on Monday. This belief about exercise is a total misconception. First of all, it could take one to two hours just to burn off the calories from one bagel someone might never catch up with his bad eating habits. The more they eat, the more they exercise, in a never-ending cycle of failure. They cannot succeed in this way any more than they could if they practiced the piano to burn off calories. The fact is that you will never lose weight through exercise. Only after you surrender to this truth can you begin the real work of exercise, which is to make your body as efficient and youthful as possible. Thus, the first step to exercising properly is to give up popular but false beliefs about it and understand its true purpose.

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In making our bodies as efficient and youthful as possible, proper exercise helps the body resist the ravages of aging, both mental and physical. What do people think of when they think of aging? We have talked over the years with athletes, health professionals, and clients about this, and almost everyone has pointed to hardening hardening of the body as we get older: of the skin, the muscles, and the bones. The skin becomes less elastic; the muscles become tight, and the bones become brittle. We are born soft and die hard.

This aging process begins as early as the school years, when children are made to sit quietly at desks for many hours at a time. Many of them round their backs when they sit, which places great stress on their spines and starts to deteriorate their posture. The exceptions to this are those kids who take ballet lessons, horseback riding, or gymnastics. After school, most children continue sitting to do their homework, to play computer games, to play musical instruments, to watch TV, and to eat dinner a whole day of sitting!

The first signs of aging for most people are mild physical discomforts of some kind. They will say they have a knot in their back, or a stiff neck, or a sore shoulder, or tight hamstrings. Or perhaps they cannot straighten their arms, knees, or elbows. These are all variations of the same phenomenon: some part of the body is hardening.

To seek relief, they get massages to have their tension knots released in their muscles; they get acupuncture to unblock energy channels, or they go to chiropractors to have their joints realigned. When the problems persist or worsen, they may visit a physician to obtain medicines to alleviate their musculoskeletal pains. They may even undergo surgery to have calcium deposits removed, disks repaired, or joints smoothed or replaced. Sometimes these procedures help. But if our lifestyles are out of balance, most of these conditions will become recurrent. Even worse, the hardening can become internal. Our bodies can age in subtle and more dangerous ways, often without pain or obvious symptoms, as in arteriosclerosis and osteoporosis.

For these conditions, modern medicine offers hormonal and other drug treatments.

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