Aerial Yoga Poses Manual

Aerial Yoga Poses Manual

This is the problem that Humanity has had for thousands of years: the Soul talks to us, or on occasion can yell at us, through pain and various feelings, but we ignore its cries. The Soul talks to us through feelings including vibrations and sound, and the Chakras are the telegraph system that it uses. The biggest difficulty is that we are not paying attention to these minute feelings and we do not know how to set up a dialogue with our own Self.

I have suggested this experiment pertaining to Sinus pain to a number of people and they have verified its accuracy. Now I am curious how other Chakras are involved, especially for people with acid reflux, or irritable bowel syndrome, and perhaps other ailments that are not life-threatening, but are annoying.

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As for myself, I have suffered on occasion from extremely high body temperatures only to discover that the actual thermometer reading was way below the norms.

Awareness is very critical to develop any communication with the Soul yet so many of us have difficulty in being aware of the feelings sent to us. If you do recognize a feeling, whether it’s a kind of normal feeling or a very strange feeling, try to recall what you were doing or thinking of just prior to the feeling. This can be a big problem, though, because most people are caught up in a world of activities, and are listening to something other than themselves no matter what they are doing.

If you do recognize a strange feeling, there is a need to acknowledge the feeling. It can be as simple as saying, “I hear you, and I acknowledge this feeling. I may not know what it means but I acknowledge it is there.”

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