Advanced Yoga Poses Arm Balances

Advanced Yoga Poses Arm Balances

Even if you are feeling blue, down in the dumps, all you have to do is ask, “Where are you when I need you? ? In this way you are forming a love affair with your own Soul. And if you have been making contact with your Inner Self, you may notice a very light vibration starting at your feet and slowly working its way up your body. You are being consoled by your own Soul. It will hug you an in a warm embrace and show all its love through a method that we are unfamiliar with.

We need to change our old way of dismissive thinking into a whole new way of acceptance.

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The Soul hears everything we say and think. It is very important, therefore, to realize that we may say something or imagine something without really thinking about it and so forget about it. The days may pass, possibly weeks, months or even years, and then out of the blue what you were thinking becomes real. Unfortunately, by now we have probably forgotten that we ever had that thought, and may not recognize the connection because it came about in a manner slightly different than the request in the past.

This is why in the earlier pages of this blog, Backdoor Yoga, we were introduced to Beliefs and Preferences, and now Thoughts. They are all part of the activities of the mind, and they prevent us from hearing anything that is and could be very subtle, such as a thought.

This is where Mindfulness comes into play. When you start acknowledging all of your Beliefs, Preferences and Thoughts as what they are you slowly diminish their importance. This allows you a greater ability to hear and understand what communication you are having with your own Soul. In a way you are silencing your own mind: there is less static and, in a sense, less thought that could disturb you through the day and night.

When it comes to Beliefs, this area is your whole life. You can change your world by realizing that nothing is impossible, that you can do anything you want. When I was young, there used to be a saying, “You can do anything you want if you have the time and the money”, and I believed it. That was a long time ago, and now my Thoughts and Beliefs have changed quite a bit. What is important about Beliefs is that they are only beliefs. By acknowledging Beliefs they still remain but they have less of a grasp on your life. They also become less effective because by acknowledging them, they lose their power over you.

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