Advanced Yoga Poses And Names

Advanced Yoga Poses And Names

We live in a rut that we created for ourselves, and the walls of this rut are Beliefs. For example, if we eat at the same time every day, we form a pattern that our body regulates. And then, like a lot of people, we have a tendency to start to have hunger pains about the same time that we are used to eating. We have created a pattern, we have created a rut, and this rut of eating at the same time every day becomes very annoying if we cannot eat at the regular time. By varying the times you eat and not putting so much importance on food you can get out of the rut and hunger is no longer a controlling agent of your mind and body.

Do not forget acknowledgment, which is very important. Simply by saying, when you are hungry, “I feel the hunger pains, I acknowledge them and I do not need them anymore,” this will help you to change your eating times to not being so rigid.

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We are going back to God again, a Non-Being. I am not very eloquent in my writing abilities but I will try to be as clear as possible.

God is energy: pure, unadulterated energy. Through action, movement and vibration this creates the world and the Universe we live in.

God is pure energy that can think and create. God is not even a Spirit. The closest description that is acceptable to the world of the formless is Kindred Spirit, and that still does not come close to describing God. Picture if you can an atom or proton or neutron. These are small elements that are a part of everything that surrounds our Self and includes our Self. Picture one dancing around in various movements and directions and this gives you an idea of what our thoughts of God are. If you are familiar with magnetic fields of energy, such as a generator that produces electricity, then these are basic forms of God in a mechanical and physical world. If you want a picture of God in Nature besides the plants and animals, take a picture of a rainbow, for all the colors of the rainbow are the same colors as the Chakras with red being your base or Butt Chakra color.

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