Advanced Bikram Yoga Poses

Advanced Bikram Yoga Poses

If you do not get any feeling in that area for a few minutes, even after repeating yourself several times, move on to the next point. Just as before, talk to yourself. Say something like, “I want my penis / vagina to open up.” As in any early moment of any love affair this area of the body can cause the biggest problems. It is a major area of Nature, also one of the biggest snares of the Game. Sex is used as a double-edged sword. Sexuality is encouraged for fun and enjoyment in a world of bedroom antics.

The Soul uses it as a calling card, to confuse our motives: it is a cry for its own attention, pushing us to the extremes of our own mind, and we go looking for sex elsewhere.

This Chakra can be problematic when dealing with life and our Spiritual world, but is one of the easier Chakras to open. It will also follow you throughout the day, causing you to question your own need of satisfying your own sexual desires.

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I also would like to remind you that opening the Chakras to a point of Raising the Energy may take a while: weeks, months, maybe years. It all depends on which cycle of life you are in and also on how accepting you are mentally for everything on a need-to-know basis.

The Solar Plexus Area is unique because we refer to this area quite often in remarks such as, “I have a gut feeling,” or “I have a bad feeling,” usually associated with a sensation that you do not care for something. It corresponds with a tightness in the muscles roughly two inches below the belly button. I like to also place it along the snares dealing with hunger pains.

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