Abdominal Yoga Poses and Breathing Exercises to Avoid

You will not be able to do poses on your abdomen. Your instructor may alter some of the poses or use props. When stretching, do so with care. Avoid extreme stretching positions which may pull on the abdominal area. Pregnancy is a wonderful time to stretch the body, but not strenuously.

Breathing exercises should be gentle and gradual in prenatal yoga. Avoid the rapid or intense breathing exercises, such as:



Supine Poses to Avoid

After the twentieth week of pregnancy it is not advisable to do supine poses. Positioned between the abdomen and back are major vessels that carry blood. Lying on your back can impede this flow of blood and so reduce oxygen delivery to the placenta.

Pregnancy also puts stress on your lower back. The enlarged uterus stretches the abdominal muscles so that they can no longer support the lumbar spine. As your pregnancy advances, your center of gravity changes and is pulled forward. This forward pull strains the lumbar spine or lower back. Postural awareness helps this and so does practicing squatting exercises.

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