Ab Exercises For Post Pregnancy

Ab Exercises For Post Pregnancy

And so the world waits for the Great Jumper who will jump for us all. In this fantasy it is easy to forget that the spiritual kingdom is to be anchored on Earth through humanity and not ‘for’ humanity. The quickest way for this to happen is if we deconstruct the fence of rationalisations we have built along the edge, overcome our fears and take a decisive step on the path of daring.

We are all too familiar with this story, and many well-intentioned esoteric organisations end up on this edge complaining about the lack of clientele while the Life wave has moved around them and found a less cluttered portion of the cliff from which to leap.

The range of fears that can be encountered in the astral world are well documented and addressed elsewhere, but it should be stressed that fearlessness cannot arise from the avoidance of facing fear, but by passing through it again and again until it ceases to hinder the soul’s expression.

True spiritual freedom lies through fear on the far side of a door labelled ‘sacrifice’. It is a door that many approach at some stage upon their spiritual journey, but few people try the handle and even fewer generate the strength to push it open against the weight of their own fears and doubts. In my experience of watching those who do try the fateful handle, there are three types of motivation which seem to be at work in some combination:

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