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The authors find that combining Ujjayi with the Respire 1 CD 70 yoga poses to pace respirations increases the benefits. Health care practitioners should learn coherent breathing before prescribing it 70 yoga poses. One very effective method is to observe areas of tension in the face, neck, shoulders, and chest while instructing the patient to gently relax and breathe without straining.

Ujjayi Breathing for Anxiety In clinical practice, the authors find that basic Ujjayi breathing is the single most rapidly effective breath intervention for anxiety symptoms in patients diagnosed with anxiety disorders.

It is preferable for the therapist to teach Ujjayi or alternate nostril breathing during the session.

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Patients will immediately experience a calmer, clearer state of mind, enhancing their motivation to continue. It usually takes about 20 minutes to teach this technique and requires one or two follow-up visits to correct and refine the practice.

Certain patients, particularly some who are elderly, those who have difficulty following instructions, and those with significant nasal obstruction may not be successful.

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