5 Best Yoga Poses for Hamstrings Vashistha Yoga

Start prom semester t-position now bring your paid six to ten inches apart hands on waist he inhale lift your chest and band your back exhale fold forward keep your spine straight and catch your big toes he inhale lift your torso engage your kneecaps while Axl bend forward elbows out to the sides hold five to eight breath here, if you cannot trick your toes then use strap under the feet and hold it and, if you feel more flexible and want more east ranch then bring your hands under feet inhale lengthening your spine while I exhale bend forward and stay for few breath here keep your face and breath relax inhale hands on West and comes back now band your knees. And come into Adamic Asanas and downward facing dog position feet hips distance apart now step right leg forward while exhale move back and extended your right leg position your hips directly over the lapped knee draw the right toes forward as you bend forward over the straight leg place hands on the floor or use block for support comes back and repeat to other side this time left leg step forward slowly back and left leg straight ankle engage inside your ankle knee.

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And hips between one line very gently move forward now comes back to Adama kiwanis on Oh be ready for Janus Asana inhale extend the right leg straight out in front of you place bottom of the left foot against the right thigh inhale arms up lengthening the spine exhale fall forward you may use a strap for support keep your spine open and solar stretch completely be relaxed here just surrender here your root lock and abdominal lock should be engaged after 5:12 read comes back and repeat each other side your abdominal engagement and root engagement helped you to move your spine forward make your breath soft and even after five to eight breath comes back and sit in dand Asana now from Dundas and bend your left leg in now bend your right knee and cross your hands in front of the right ankle and grabs the outside of the right foot lean back slightly.

But keep front torso long inhale and raise your leg completely as comfort as possible hold 5 to 8 breath in crunches on keep your toes pointed and lengthening your spine from the root after five to eight breath comes back and repeat to other side this time when you write legging and very gently raise your leg now lie down on back and preparation for soup the Padang Hassan inhale raise your right leg and catch big toes or Umesh huge strap here again he inhale strengthening your leg and gently put it towards your face head lifted and keep your toes pointed. And you feel better stretch hold five to eight breath. And then comes back repeat it to other side each time raise your left leg whole big toes very gently stretch towards your face pull it very slowly and carefully toes pointed and slowly come back and relax in Sebastian and failure in Drive leg relax in diet or so front body right hand left hand ACL expression complete relax.

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