5 Best Weight Loss Foods

5 Best Weight Loss Foods


Avocados, nuts, and seeds contain oils. Plant oils for cooking and dressings can be squeezed from corn, olives, peanuts, soybeans, sunflowersand other plants.


Alcohol is made from grapes, grains, and other plants.

Occasional, very light drinking of alcoholic beverages may have health benefits for some (not all) adults. Regardless, the legal age for drinking alcohol is twenty-one in all states, and alcohol must always be used responsibly. Kids should not drink alcohol. And there are other ways for adults to get health benefits, without drinking.

There’s no nutritional advantage that could possibly outweigh the risks of underage drinkingwhich include being in a drunk-driving accident, using poor judgment that puts you at risk, being physically harmed by another person, getting alcohol poisoning, or getting arrested.

Alcohol poisoning is when there is so much alcohol in someone’s system that it interferes with basic body functions. It can cause the person to stagger, fall, throw up, pass out, choke, or stop breathing and die. If you suspect alcohol poisoning, call 911 (or the police emergency number for your area).

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Chickens, turkeys, and ducks are poultry. Certain wild birds are ediblepheasant, quail,

and wild ducks, for example.


Edible eggs are laid on a daily basis by cooperative chickens and ducks.


Fishes that lurk or dart through streams, rivers, and lakes are called freshwater fish; perch, catfish, and trout are examples.

Fishes that cruise through the salty water of the ocean are called (you guessed it!) saltwater fish; sea bass, tuna, sardines, haddock, cod, and sword-fish are examples.

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