49 Minute Yoga Ninja Practice

Welcome to Tyrone yoga everryone are you ready for a ninja body practice with a Zen mind well I hope you are. Because today we’ll do just that the more of an advanced practice today where I won’t be explaining the poses I will use Sanskrit. So It’s not for everybody. But hopefully it’ll serve as a great inspiration and a good practice for those that are ready for this it’s the girona yoga and ninja power practice so take a deep breath find a good some sctv and here we go slow and steady inhale arms up over the head exhale forward fold uttan Asana inhale elongate exhale jump back chaturanga dand Asana inhale upward facing dog and move a tiny bit from side to side to awaken your back open up a little more. And then press push back into your downward facing dog feel free here to move a little bit, if you want bend both knees to get deeper into the shoulders or bending knee at a time to awaken your legs make sure you’re still breathing you je breath throughout the practice Bundys are very active go ahead and take your right leg up to the sky a moment with the hip square. And then open up really reach back and over with your leg.

And then go ahead straighten. And we’ll do, if you need to know so every time you bring the knee to the nose exhale warming up your core to that three four times at your pace and after you’re done come across with your right knee. So you can possibly even take the arm balance or just take it to the elbow. And then go back to the sky and bring the right knee over to the right side again eka pada koundiny Asana an arm balance. And we’ll go back to downward dog with the right leg in the sky bring the right foot forward between the hands and sink slow down and breathe optional take the arms up to the sky flip the hand and open further into the shoulders keep the hips heavy down steady gaze steady breaths slow and steady hands to the ground feel your remote feel a moment in runners lunge to awaken even further. And then step it back chaturanga inhale upward dog for those that want to go power to some push-ups you can do it with or without the knees I am very ready to be ninja in this practice. So I am really going for it. But again I don’t do this every day inhale chest up exhale downward facing dog take one breath here to again let everything calm down.

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And then left leg square hips and lift up and over open the hips as you can see I’ve squared the shoulders. So I can really get into the hips even a few ankle rotations, if you like in need squaring and here we go need to the nose do a few on your own just bring it in squeeze the belly in and exhale every time the knee comes forward and eventually come across maybe the arm balance maybe not just breathe for breath and back to three-legged dog the left knee this time comes over to the left side possibly eka pada koundiny Asana try to strain the legs a bit keep the chest moving forward and back to the three-legged dog and here we go bring the left foot between the hands for a low lunge ii sink low with the hips get heavy right we’re going yin and yang we’re going power. And then we stay and calm focus the chest is lifted the hips are sinking and then, if you’d like take the arms up over the head reverse the hands open a little further into the shoulders and hands down to the ground step it back lower chaturanga again optional some more push-ups whoo hopefully it’s not too hot where you are, if it is skip the push-ups this is a ninja practice as I promised. So just to really strengthening really burning out any of those impurities that we may have. And then open your heart open your chest I’m going a little crazy here I went right into Cobra which means my hips are down chest is up it’s deeper into the back. But I’m ready for it you like some head and neck rotations go ahead wake that up and press it back downward-facing dog stay and breathe notice where your mind is see, if you can keep it steady on your breath steady Drishti steady gaze heels rooting. And then shift forward jump lengthen into the halfway up and exhale let the head drop uttan Asana inhale arms up over the head belly in exhale samasthiti he right away into utkat Asana inhale exhale forward fold inhale elongate exhale chaturanga inhale shine through upward-facing exhale downward facing dog right foot forward left heel down inhale virabhadr Asana cut warrior one arms are powerful shoulders relaxed down maybe gaze lifts up. And then we’re going to go for a little twist so spine is tall for the first breath just to open up.

And then we’re going to go deeper into a variation into the binded variation of par every tabasco kon Asana right on behind the back try to reach with your left hand to the right wrist keep both legs strong and powerful and keep opening the right shoulder up towards the sky, if you want another arm balance option to come out of this take it for two three breaths eka pada koundiny Asana. And then step jump back chaturanga and. So we’re going to go through the vinyasa chaturanga would some mukha Svan Asana again feel your spine give yourself a moment to open and press back Auto mukha Svan Asana one breath here. And then we’ll move left foot forward right heel down inhale coming up leader. But Asana warrior one take one breath feel the belly in the hip sinking lower and taking the twist twisting over to your left side opening a bit in the spine. And we’ll go deeper into the periphery to parse Poconos the twisted variation of extended side angle breathing while you’re in the pose the belly is in is available taking the bind and keep pressing into the back leg keep opening the left shoulder towards the sky and make sure you’re breathing gaze steady and again here we go hands down shift your weight onto the arms lift the legs open up your heart breathe for a breath or two however long you can hold. And then slide back chaturanga dand Asana inhale shine exhale downward facing off omnis and taking a breath or two hopefully you’re not like me on grass everything that’s moving all over the place. But hey we’re not afraid of challenges are we step or jump forward lengthen.

And then exhale forward fold bending the knees utkat Asana sometimes mistakenly known as chair pose sink a little deeper with your hips Bundys barely a powerful arms steady Zen mind up and slow and steady close the pose hands to the heart inhale arms up over the head a little back bend to warm up further exhale forward fold hands down inhale lengthen exhale float back chaturanga dand Asana inhale shine chest keeps lifting forward up exhale down dog right foot Veerabhadra sonica arms up hips low breathe we’re going to take the right arm underneath the left for Eagle arms Garuda so not taking it back into a back bend opening chest shoulders elbows and spine inhale slow steady back to warrior one exhale we’re going to take the hands to the inside of the right foot left knee goes down my right foot is quite a bit forward and my right knee and I open the right knee to the side elbows can come down to the ground and sink just stay. So you’re breathing here hopefully slower exhale than enhance fingertips relaxed mind steady okay, if you haven’t had enough our imbalances another at Kapaa da cunha suggest forward and, if possible lift up to a chin slant a hint of a backbend just breathe here for a couple of breaths. And then shutter R up dog and downward facing dog got your breath for a moment. Because the good news is we have the left side left foot forward up virabhadr Asana warrior one left arm underneath the right this time for Eagle arms I’m trying to sink in the hips at the same time as I’m lifting the chest and taking the elbows up and back to open furthering the shoulders maintaining breasts hips are still low one more breath. And then slow steady arms up warrior one watch the hands as they come down to the inside of the left foot right knee down for the lizard left knee opens to the side lower down maybe you’re on the elbows. So It’s super easy even walk the elbows further forward right just getting way nice and deep into the hips maintaining breath Zen mind steady clear calm mind can you hear the sound of your breath preparing for the arm balance hands come back left arm underneath the left side shifting the weight forward heart open straightening the legs breathe. And then shifting to the chin stand hips lift way up strong legs breathe, if you want to go even a little deeper into the backbend this time feel free go ahead. And then legs up chest forward well chat a runt dog the reading, if you need to pause and take a child’s pose by all means go ahead and do so otherwise sustain down dog for another moment to really find presence we’re going to jump into CRO into bak Asana, if you can jump hop right onto your arms, if that doesn’t work just take crow pose and try to lift the heels up keep your Bundys keep a steady mind steady gaze breathe and jump back chaturanga dand Asana inhale upward-facing exhale downward facing dog we’re going to bring the right foot forward left heel down up to warrior one follows steady gaze and slow and steady we’re going to open warrior two and keep the front knee bending hopefully towards 90 degrees breathe here for a moment.

And then reverse your warrior a nice side stretch coming forward we’re going to straighten the front leg into trikon Asana except we’re going to take a binded one so take the left arm under the leg bind with the right arm behind the back and do your best to straighten the front leg as much as you can possibly gaze up to the sky and breathe again finding the steadiness even, if it’s just for three breaths release and shift forward taking half-moon ardha chandr Asana we’re going to take the version where we’re bending the leg that’s in the air with the right way the left hand and taking it into a bit of a backbend. So you can see I’m pressing the back leg away I’m opening the chest. And I’m trying to straighten as much as possible the standing leg go ahead release and float slow and steady back into warrior two land arms up. And then exhale hands to the ground step it back chaturanga inhale upward-facing exhale downward facing dog ii left foot right away up warrior one inhale up and slowly exhale as you open into warrior two reading the left hand being very very present and one breath here. And then reversing the warrior a nice side stretch try not to make it too much of a back bend belly in breathing. And then shifting forward into trikon Asana triangle pose with the bind and as much as possible straight the front leg open the chest open the right shoulder towards the sky and, if available take the gaze up breathing strong legs. And then shifting half-moon ardha chandr Asana balancing the right leg super strong powerful. And then bending the right knee taking hold of the foot opening the heart you can see how much I’m really pressing the right leg away.

So I can open up more in the chest more in the legs breath and steady gaze release the right leg start to bend the left knee shift far back landing Warrior 2. And then exhale hands to the ground step it back lower into chaturanga upward facing dog and a little bit of crazy ninja work a few push-ups fast quick powerful. And then let’s remember that we’re doing yoga so stop in plank and lower slow motion now chaturanga go with breath yeah. So It’s fine to go powerful. But see, if you can also go mindful no matter how fast or slow you’re going breathing right notice much better form when going a little slower just breathe do as many as you can you can rest in child’s pose or we’ll meet in downward dog after you go upward dog and downward dog take a moment in downward dog bellies in powerful legs breath is alive mind is soft no matter how powerful your body is look between the hands step jump take your feet apart we’re going to go for a forward fold you can do anything you like I’m going to wrap the arms around the legs behind the legs. And then bring them through the legs to hold the shins to forward fold. But really even holding the elbows anything that can allow you to just come back into more of a yin space into more of relaxing finding stillness only the breath moves the mind is calm I Banda’s are slightly working to help protect the lower back then bend the knees come up to utkat Asana and samastitihi Bundys working we’re going to take the right leg and open to the site for prasarita padottan Asana clasping the hands behind the back lengthen the spine and exhale forward fold take the arms over the head allow yourself to be heavy to sink down letting gravity do the work for you all you have to do is keep the legs slightly engaged. And the Bundys working gaze is steady breath is steady stay hold loose the hands down we’re going to go for a twist.

So we have the right hand going for the left ankle left arm behind the back maybe reaching the head towards your right leg crazy version wraps the right arm around the leg and hold your head cup your head doesn’t matter, if you don’t really figure this one I’ll just get a twist here release we’ll do the second side maybe it’ll be easier to see here left hand on the leg right arm wraps behind the back head goes towards the leg all right. So It’s really a twist with a leg stretch then here we go I’m taking the leg they arm around the leg and wrapping. So that I’m holding the back of my head breathing all the while Bundys all the while back to Center hands on to the mat inhale lengthen the spine and begin to walk your feet wider we’re going for summer kon Asana equal even harmonious angle pose and. So I’m kind of trying to allow my hips to be heavy. And I’m shifting on to my elbow. So I can shift a bit forward, if I fall way back then I lose a lot of the stretch. So I’m trying to shift a bit forward.

So It’ll be intense right and fine the intensity in the body is okay it’s part of javadi it’s how do we maintain a Zen mind a clear mind and no labeling mind while we’re practicing stuff that may be intense maybe challenging slowly coming back on to the hands start to heel toe the feet closer in until you’re in press to reach a distance just go right away and turn on to the right side we’re going to straighten the right leg for out of the hanuman Asana have fun one Asana for a quick warm-up stay there or start to slide right away as deep as possible into hanuman Asana into the splits again respect your body just do what’s right for you and there’s always another day to practice once you found your space and try to stay somewhat steady right let the hips be heavy barely slightly in. And then either stay up or, if you’d like to forward fold go ahead and forward fold whatever seems to be good for you you can notice I’m kind of shifting my head a bit to the right that’s in order to pull my left hip down. Because it tends to lose its squareness wow that was easy today so slowly coming up we’re going to switch right away to the other side out of the hanuman Asana over the left leg just for a breath or two tiny bit of warm-up. And then after you feel hopefully you feel like you can go a little further just go to what your body today is telling you this is awesome right so when you found your awesomeness stay there and remember that however deep it is however fancy it may or may not seem it is awesome. Because it is where you are today where else are you going to be right breathing steady gaze. And then optional forward folding and Sun surrendering letting gravity letting your body weight through the work more you surrender the quicker you will find the opening happen just another breath or two here slowly begin to come up we’re going to actually return into prasarita stance so feet down hands down lengthen the spine half way exhale hands to the hips inhale come up. And then step it forward magical energy style and release into Summa duty shake it away, if you need to wipe some sweat, if you’ve got a warm day where I am.

And then take the hands behind the back namaste reversed step the right foot back inhale lengthen and with an exhale slowly come over the left leg all right try as much as possible to elongate in the spine. But respect your body wherever it may be is fine inhale come halfway up we’re going to shift here into warrior three. So the right leg lifts up belly in steady gaze breathing breathing some more. And then slowly bring the right knee forward and through it’s still in the air release the hand hold your right foot with the left hand take your right arm back for a twisted variation of ochita hasta padangusth Asana and breathe staying steady and slowly start to transitioning hands on the hips gaze forward straight leg breathing some more lifting the belly. So you can lift the leg. And then lower with control shake it away and give yourself some delightful yeah pee-yew whoo. Because we still have the other side here we go the hands behind the back reverse namaste stepping the left foot back this time adjusting the hips as much as possible you could see the belly going in then singing slowly coming down hips press back as the chest and chin reach forward and down breathing I taking these moments here to reset before we go to balance slowly with this long spine with the strong legs we’re going to start to come halfway up shifting the weight forward into warrior three all right the back leg lifts, if you need to can bend a little bit in the standing leg I’m trying to keep it straight there which is a little more challenging trying to keep the hips square a little bit that was nice adjustment there own good job slowly starting to come up bring the left knee forward and through take hold of the outer edge of the left foot with the right hand left arm behind you and slowly slowly begin to shift your gaze back breathing breathing slowly coming forward straight left leg hands on the hip and try to maintain some form of steadiness one last breath here. And then slowly release down setting up for a gullible sauna we’re going to bend the right knee right ankle on to left thigh bringing the right hands down to the ground. And then the right knee high up towards the armpit left foot hooks around the left upper arm left leg up to the sky breathing keep your Bundys alive and steady gaze hold hold.

And then jump back chaturanga dand Asana inhale upward-facing exhale downward facing jump forward lengthen and exhale forward fold coming all the way up arms up over the head some back bending a little deeper. And then close the here we go second side you guys hopefully you’re as excited as I am about this we’re going to place the left ankle on the right side right above the knee hands down to the ground again this time the the left knee goes high up towards the armpit hooking the left foot onto the right arm you can see isolate a little bit with the left foot. But it’s okay as long as the left knee as high up you’ll be able to hold this try to drop a bit in the right hip. So It doesn’t open too much. And then jump back chaturanga inhale upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog take a breath here and we’re going to go to vice you Stas sauna with a core work variation to begin with so come on to your right side. And then bring the left hand to the hips. And just go up and down with your hips up and down I love this it’s gentle. But it feels great I can feel the work happening in muscles I don’t normally do go ahead and switch sides again up down belly in to support to just work that core area for a little bit.

And then we’re going to go again onto the right side this time for vice just Asana, if you can try to take your big toes of the left foot with the left hand. And then lift a bit the hips not too high just. So It’s one long straight line and open up the chest and that’s it release short go ahead take the other side. So you’re on the left arm right leg up take hold of the big toes a little more challenging for me this side you can see I’m having a bit of a hard time bringing the hips forward. But do your best keep the belly in breathe. And then release okay what can you ask more than a chaturanga at the end of this upward dog and downward facing dog take a few breaths here to help you recover they breathe and again train the mind to stay present go ahead and lower to your knees stretch the arms forward downward puppy breath or two here stretching the shoulders the back. And then we’re going to come onto the forearms. So we’re going to go into forearm plank set yourself up elbows under the shoulders arms parallel to each other belly lifted heels back we keep the gaze slightly forward through your neck is long. And just breathe another moment. And then go into dolphin pose.

So It’s a downward dog with the forearms down staying here for two breaths and we’re going to head over to pinch of my arrest or not be forearm balance and simply maintaining the hold steady keep pressing the elbows into the ground keep the belly going in legs strong up steady gaze at one point grieving this will help strengthen the back and focus the mind breathing and stay a little longer here. And then we’re going to either exit straight into each other around guys possible and, if not just one way or another take your vinyasa meeting in the downward-facing dog adil mukha Svan Asana okay coming forward to plank and lower to your belly again taking a few moments here to recover some of you don’t need to want to take push-ups go ahead. But I really believe that it’s good to take moments of complete rest even within an intensive practice. So that you really are constantly calm steady we’re going to move into shalabh Asana the locust pose lift the legs lift the chest gaze slightly forward enough to keep the neck long breathe for a few breaths hold up reaching the chest forward the legs back and then, if you want to take a variation for this you can clasp the hands behind the back and that will help you maybe even list a bit higher maintaining steady breath. So you want to go really crazy go to superhuman hands forward in front of you straight arms straight legs breathes, if it’s too much under lower back skip. And then lower down wrists move the hips from side to side to release the beta lower-back a breath or two we’re gonna go into the bay katana. So we’re going to start with out of the big house on a-z half front just to warm up bend one knee stretch it a bit. And then the other stretch it obviously you can just say in half rub each side a little longer instead of doing that slow frog which is a bit crazy and sometimes a bit challenging for the need for some of us. So, if you have the BEC costume I’ll go ahead keep lifting the chest keep pressing the feet down with your hands while the feet pressed up against the hands.

And then released again move a bit from side to side and take a vinyasa inhale upward facing dog exhale downward facing dog coming forward to plank again and slowly slowly lowering down to your belly with control lay down bend the knees take hold of your ankles we’re going to head into Daniel Asana the bow pose lift up chest lift up legs try to keep the feet together toes at least touching maybe even ankles and heels keep lifting higher and make sure you’re breathing, if you haven’t smiled today try to give yourself a moment here stretch your lips for a moment and see, if you can really enjoy the practice okay finding the balance between working pressing the legs back lifting the chest and yet call me relaxing lower down take another moment here allow yourself to settle even, if you want bend the knees move them to from side to side just to release the back even further we’re going to go for a Cobra. So we’re going to actually really keep the pelvic the pelvis down the pubic bone down towards the ground lift up and pull your chest through as far forward as you can while the shoulders are moving back this may seem to some of you less. But you’re actually moving the back bend a little bit of way from the lower back to the middle upper back and so really keep the long gauge now, if you want lift a little higher lift a little higher head back really preparing for the eka pada Rod’s couple kahshanna okay after all this Restless 250 huge other rangas as many as feel reasonable for you, if it starts to hurt your wrist you can do it on your fists as well just make sure you’re doing it with correct form and meaning in downward dog Adam Lucas wanna take a few breaths here again just letting everything set up you constantly balance between yin and yang here we go we’re going to bring the right foot forward right chin forward setting up for we’ll do a few preparations before we go into the flow like Uppada Raj Kapoor does not so adjusting the hips lengthening dropping down for Pigeon for a moment or, if you need longer just pause and stay there for a while.

And then come up I need a little more quad so as stretch. So I’m bending the left knee and working on giving me a little bit of a moment there. And then take whatever variation works for you, if it does work for you to go to the floor like up at about scope of Asana let’s take hold of the back foot I’m actually pressing the foot away to open the shoulder you can see my shoulders pulling way way way back. And then after I’ve opened my shoulder I add the second hand second arm I hold the feet open both shoulders myself is good especially I never feel ready born ready for these things started yoga later in life and then, if there’s availability start to walk the hands walk the hands down the foot towards the ankles work on bringing the foot the head onto the foot the foot to the head and make sure you can still grieve here right, if there’s room you keep walking it’s not just a steady there it’s can get intense for some of us. So the big most important thing is to keep a steady mind and maintain the breath of life right that’s really why we’re doing your school thing I’m going to climb okay here we go released whoo-hah as good times wasn’t it such good times that you get a chaturanga up dog and dumb dog always giving us at the end of any good tunnel take a breath here in down dog Lisa bid in the back. And then I know super duper exciting here we go second side left foot forward adjust obviously the more you bring that left shin forward the more intense it’s going to be maybe a moment down just to create length of the spine.

And then we’re going to go for quarter licious bending the right knee taking hold of the foot just like we get in bed cosmonaut differences when both of them work on the quads I actually in the Kozma feel more of the back bends at some point here I still get more of quad so as. And then after a couple of breaths they’re working on maybe one arm at a time doing the stretch, if you’re ready for both arms take both arms. But I almost went right for both arms without the one on okay one side may be easier than the other. So we need to take both arms keep lengthening the chest keep pressing the leg further away from you at first to really open the shoulders should feel great right it goes a little more into the upper back and shoulders. And when you feel start to feel ready kind of what we did in the Cobra its chest forward the hips drop back the shoulders go back the head goes back walk the hands on the foot whatever the head reaches remember it doesn’t have to be the same on both sides just do whatever is reasonable for youth maintaining breath and painting breath, if you can really slow and with controlled into your vinyasa step it back exhale as you go down into the chaturanga inhale as you pull forward. And then exhale as you go into the downward facing dog. And you can move a tiny bit in down dog to release that’s perfectly fine take a moment there breathe and set up as we’re going to go into another pinch am I rest enough except this time we’re going to head into the Scorpio and whoo. So there you go for imbalance coming up when you’re ready use your does find at all stands first really really lent and feel power. And then start bending start reaching the head forward through up and take a moment in banana just to really even warm up the spine more. And then when you’re ready bend the knees and, if it feels good you can even point the toes down keep reaching your head up and keep reaching the feet I’m using a hint of bundles to protect a bit in the lower back.

And then when you’ve done you cutting up come on down either take sannyasa or just go straight into child first, if you like I took my knees a little wider apart. So I can actually elongate the spine more to release from all these lessons we’ve done and to ground four heads on the ground to really connect to earth. So that we don’t just get very feet about that is very aggressive moving fighting. And you started that way which is great we kind of burn some steam. But it’s important to now start to learn how to balance it out okay here we go coming out of toasters lowering down child around us inhale upward facing dog and exhale downward facing dog breath here one step or jump through to your seat and we’re going to twist the release a little bit from all these back bends so heading over towards that Murray chiisana see brightening bending twisting over to the right left arm over you and feel free to take any variation, if you like and up and down or, if you have the vine Romy’s go ahead and take the bomb you see left leg strong and active see I took a few breaths before the vine then really wanted to feel like I’m opening opening opening releasing the spine here lose a breath Drishti gaze is steady at one point and taking it back that doesn’t even matter exactly where it is. And then. And the big news is were just gonna switch sides so those of you that still have a lot of energy to burn go ahead take it me up. And you please. And then meet us join to the second side again starting the twist you can see here I didn’t go right for the bind. Because I’m really releasing my back and shoulders pressing pressing question.

And then only after a few breaths is good since I find that sometimes I get a deeper twist then I go for the vines. And when I have the binder you have to bind make sure again you’re using the bondus to try and elongate the spine keep opening your left shoulders to the left I lift the head and take your gaze back maintaining breath maintaining calmness beautiful every month that’s very justice stuff prepare for a jump back so cross the legs she lifts up. And then slow system backs try to run of inductance inhale upward-facing and exhale downward facing dog II septum through your seat again. And we’ll go for triangle mukha eka pada paschimottan Asana don’t worry it’s easier than the name says we’re just going to bend the right knee and place the foot back folding over the straight left leg reaching far forward both sitting bones on the ground. And just surrender that everything calmed down that’s your breath deepen you’re welcome to stay there, if it works for you similar. But from the second series of a Stanga crown Shoshana lift the right leg take the hands around the foot and try to straighten the leg and lift the chest eventually bringing the chest and chin towards the leg you can see I’m really working on lengthening the spine not so easy for me. But that’s the practice right then thinning the spine here we got a little bit of craziness I’m opening the hip even a little further brought the foot to the nose. And then for some it will work to take the leg behind the head for some just behind the shoulder, if it works they could behind the head stay here Bri the few moment keeping your Bundys alive to protect your lower back. And then I’m going to release the leg from behind open a little more in the chest. And the shoulders that we’re going to release. And head over to the arm balance ashtavakra Asana so wrapping the legs shifting the weight forward chest up. And just breathe here we’re going to again try to go a little fancy here.

So, if it works lift up for a moment in our stuff across and try to take the left leg back behind you you’re now in eka pada cleaned Inuyasha, if that still feels great for you try to bring it forward and through again back into us double clasp and a good elbows are bent. And then I hold one more time just, if you’ve got the energy right. And then jump back chaturanga good go through your vinyasa up dog releasing all this forward fold into downward facing dog guess what comes next giddyap jump through let’s do the other side. So we’re going to go for the starting with triangle mukha eka pada paschimottan Asana bending the left this time the left leg and we’re going to come forward over the right notice how I’ve worked on trying to get both sitting bones on the ground. And then reaching forward I really bond us to elongate the spine. And then once you’ve got your pose just breathe really take it as a surrender it’s forward fold we’re cooling down a tiny bit and for those that want to continue to the ground cha cha now we’re going to head over straightening the leg chest and chin up towards the legs so yeah crunch Asana first pose second pose of second series the pose we just did before is from the primary series both from Ashtanga shoulders relaxed down spine elongate. And the thigh was rotating internally good now I’m taking in just warming up they hit the tiny bit more before either again behind this older or maybe to the forehead or maybe maybe maybe behind the head just remember not every site is going to be the same so do what feels reasonable for you you may need to keep the hands on the ground not in a mistake wherever you are just try to stay calm relate it release the legs from behind the head and we’re going to head over to our balancing fun fun transitions starting with uh stove across sauna so crossing the legs lift up the hips shift the chest. And head forward hips back breathe here elbows are bending staying present. And then the chest lifts in order to create space for the leg to go back. And the left leg is back. And then it comes forward and through crossing again into US dub across sauna we’re going to do it again go back into eka pada koundiny Asana jump back chaturanga dand Asana upward facing dog and meeting in the downward-facing gorgeousness beautiful everyone really nice you guys happier practicing step jump through to your seat coming forward again we’ll do another forward fold. So we’re heading over for simple paschimottan Asana both legs forward fold over the legs and really surrender I notice I’m not pulling I’m not stressing just relaxing the shoulders the head the breath the mind.

And then I just elongated a bit and that was by lifting a little more in the Bundys I’d be lifting in the belly okay so here we go let’s release and we’re going to take a vinyasa so lift up jump back into chaturanga inhale upward facing dog also Mooka exhale ah da mukha Svan Asana downward dog beautiful okay guys we’re going to go for last little bit of intensity so headstand and we’re going to even do some core work in headstand so set yourself up coming up two sheets a sauna legs up like a few breaths here and I like to study my mind to feel the breath deepening to really take it as a form of meditation we have our crown chakra pressing into the earth great for rooting connecting stabilizing after all this pretty powerful practice making sure your gaze is steady beautiful here we go we’re going to start to bend the legs halfway down or almost all the way touching the ground and all the way back up. So It’s a few of these feet go almost touching the ground and straight back up to shift Sharna go at your pace I’m going here a bit faster than what some can do some can go even faster no need to rush it just really working our core or so as for just going up and down up and down. And then coming all the way up holding another moment here. And then wow we’re going to try and go across so go down and across down and across to the other side beautiful good into a couple more. And then we’ll meet in headstand again. And when you’ve had enough just come on down rest for a moment in child’s pose so taking a vinyasa from Child’s Pose inhale upward-facing exhale downward facing dog and have to the most important pose of all of yoga one way or another make your way onto your back then the knees take hold of your feet we’re going to go for a happy baby which means you’re just going to laugh out loud like a two-year-old so go ahead take your feet roll from side to side and Raymond is to the chest give yourself a hug I will go for a twist. So just a supine twist a couple of breaths to each side right just to remember not to take ourselves too seriously it’s only yoga. And then boof here we go time to die dropping into shav Asana and simply doing nothing moving into stillness the legs drop palms facing up I slightly closed breath flows on its own the more you surrender just like Warren chocolates melting away the more you can allow a sense of spirit to float outside of your body to really be free free from the attachments of body free from the attachment of mind recognizing that your existence is not limited to body and mind, if nothing else just allow yourself to be take a deep breath in slowly roll onto your right side find the safety of feeling just like in an embryo. And then slowly come back up to sit take a moment. And just breathe notice your body now how does it feel notice your breasts your mind.

And then thank yourself remember to be grateful for all that you can do rather than looking at what you can’t remember to come from a place of joy and gratitude. And you namaste please do go ahead and leave a sweet comment it makes everything worthwhile share this with somebody on your facebook or with a friend hit like and I hope to see you again soon thank you.

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