4 Clever Little Ways To Boost Your Mental Health

Pharmacist Mike Wakeman shares his advice…

1. Do it: Sleep Well it’s unsurprising that 51% of us feel grumpy after a night of tossing and turning. ‘a good night’s sleep is critical for both your mental and physical health, and a lack of it can disturb the body’s internal clock.’

2. Try it: VitaMin d ‘some studies suggest that there is a link between vitamin d deficiency and major depressive disorder.’ a blood test can reveal if you’re lacking in vitamin d; if you are, ask your gp to recommend a supplement.

4 Clever Little Ways To Boost Your Mental Health Photo Gallery

3. Try it: VitaMin B ‘studies show a reduced risk of depression for those following a diet rich in b vitamins, which also boost energy levels.’

4. DitcH it: SuGar & fat ‘research shows an increased risk of depression over five years for people following a diet high in sugar and fat.’

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