30 yoga poses for weight loss

Yoga as a power discourse

In contemporary popular yoga discourse, yoga is often associated with the word power’. The power of beauty and eternal youth! The power of well being and de-stressing! The power of connecting to nature, ancient tradition and the Whole’! Yoga empowers you to be competitive and successful in modern societies. You obtain physical and mental stamina allowing you to leave your exhausted competitors way behind.

In contemporary discourse the various yoga commodities are covered with layers of signs- as most products actually are, according to Baudrillard. Accordingly I suggest we should begin to treat yoga discourse addressing the public as if it was marketing and advertising. Reading marketing literature we know that it is often difficult to find the real use-value of a product. Often we wonder what product an advertisement is talking about at all. Brochures and advertisements produce a world of fantasies and dreams. We struggle to find out what is real and what is symbolic as they flow into each other. This is the function of marketing and advertising: not to mainly inform about actual use-values, but to generate associations – in other words to transform use-value into symbolic value.

Straighten your elbows. With your arms and legs firm, 30 yoga poses for weight loss and your chest soft, bend forward with your upper body, reaching your hips back. 30 yoga poses for weight loss Bend your knees. Widen your sitting bones and thighs. This will create a slight arch in your lower back. Firm your abdominal muscles and lengthen through the lower part of the spine without eliminating the arch. Straighten your knees as much as possible. Extend fully from your pelvis in two directions: out through your spine and arms, and down through your legs.

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