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Altogether less air pumps on the floor and maintain your reach Dennis what does mean one might need, if you miss a fine no ill hair health and lower back down, if we can open access which is wrong inside chip and for the next decade inhale accent and go from data for that wouldn’t you inhale head up accented down inside just concentrate then you can do proper actually found a tower back here acts a down dishes I give the order for back again inhale head up exhale down much fun being up Faxon inhale head up and hit him and he goes for the lead he won that my professor you know what phone that you can secure your fear now cut your code inside left hand right now change the first link. But first a project. And some flow. And then look up and inhale answer just percent rate down front see that’s what the grants to the inside its awakening your energy for me Linux will not come together all together response in the front of the magnitude depends on your mind together that slowly drop your head so Nene van and say come down here, if you need me. So you know within lesson live your heel and balance on your pool.

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And then gently stretch your hair and fix your gear at one point, if your is moving you will move to fix it at one point normal software we dare be slowly come back just depend on the actor not defined inhale again Libyan deal stretch your hand not again one inhalation and for yoga repent some of your graph down be held down dr. Hoadley and stop so what the difference between when you holding red and hot pan then is not worth any difference what to me that we still missing most important thing when you are holding your breath so then you feel find the balance better right why what is holding back feel more balanced. Because we read your mind is not working. And when your mind is not working you saw your petal skin become better. So that is the secret might destroy our energy. So that is the meaning of you you miss Union to be at one place when you are here you just here living moment to moment together be here one no mistake normal right here inhale open your hand in the open at the chest open exhale bend forward keeping your spine straight pending from twine. And just lose yourself and disability’ drop your name touch what’s your take on it goes, if any feels not comfort band your needs don’t need to touch you don’t need to touch your finger or anything now inhale stretch your back. And come all the way. So we don’t need to touch like this way where you are resisting and feel touch try relax your place your minds would be with your brain and body can external body mind read Yoga Union okay one more time namaste email head back chest open hands straight axle and from join keep is pretty spine. And then lose drop your hand towards your feet and lose it relax it then our unity inhale hands up going like this way is fine again it will be that one no mistake to in him head back chest open accent straight through the hole and draw it stay here empty space is fine straight come all the way up near him back so much hi. So the right side now exhale move forward and place your right spawns on right leg when you think about one key to go all the way down to our ceiling hey it’s your gate on the left side and slowly come back straight and on April 4 the middle where you feel comforted you just stay there ok Nocturne neck side first inhale dopey website turn your neck to let left foot left side yxa move and right hands ass and look up keep your boat shoulder in one line don’t need to go all the way down go there is then we have just opened back axle EP studies mind bending forward.

And then rub your hand just lose yoga, if you feel any pressure on your back depending on me just drop your son don’t do any air for just loose now thanks on your wish and inhale come up feet together front of the mat one limiting strength is being checked off a normal okay slowly come back see you’re back with me pending and he will be the power you see, if it’s about work. But now bless your hands I feel your body when in sending your families try to slowly your field not both so much father it should be near. And it’s just a finger you only come back and exhale and need to jest for the sentence have you later exhaling an exterior now turn left side. And then your evening coming to see the drug a fancy focus on it sitting is great, if I eat right this way how can I is long I cannot what are you fine here then and, if you’re not able to see some person is. Because back in college. So we recommend that this thing you support. And then it’s fine straight, if you are sitting this way dick swinging disturbance that is fine with it sex I and I mean is very important now put your subject position I suppose and what your break I suppose, if you guys not start in Cinnabon towards you here out in out in out in out in out in and out rely and again axis in position and, if I still what you in out in out in out in out in out in out in out and relax keep eyes closed and watch your breath eyes closed.

But. And this program is very effective it looks very simple force effective to controlling your mind and giving you more in exercise so like many were doing some activities like sometimes. And when you finish you say oh just finish not any quick Sam yeah exhale. So you exhale completely when your body feel relaxed you oh we’re done maybe after it allows you say responds when you feel relaxed so vice versa when you exhale bomb so your body feel your mind feel relaxed you more relaxed more dependent. So that’s why we need to relax more like in computer, if you open every tax is going to hand you laptop computer PC so then is moving like that the hand system should be hand. Because so much concerning so so for that you need to open one tab and or two times not so many times so same way when your mind is something soon many thing they’ve got so many thing we want is common a vault by about family or care here about part about future. So It’s going to corrupt and. So we don’t have power saving mode we don’t have sudden shutdown. But as we push. And we go close our system. So we need to relax meditation and from around another all technique is very good to making you more relaxed more focus okay.

So this primary we are going to do is howdy here in sound like be and first inhale. And when you exit as possible then slowly then again medicine. So we are when you do just five times maybe possible some bread is don’t someone have a small bread so they’re finished and we’re here song. So we come back. And now we are going to new finance of us and forgetting the fact that and anything beside you is touching your shoulder the neck relaxed function the naked is fine a line palms facing towards your ceiling and little bit open after a treatments don’t need to move you.

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