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The libido expresses itself in yoga poses the sexual encounter and in yoga poses the encounter between colleagues. “The biological center and its libido need to express themselves sexually and professionally” (Reich, 1940, V.5, 146f).

Reich’s social work showed how diverse types of social services are necessary for the development of the instincts. He is one of the few who dared to follow the trajectory of an instinctive propension on its journey within the center of individual organisms and within the maze of the regulations in yoga poses social systems. He thus explored all the articulations of an instinct and showed that most of these articulations are not accessible within a psychotherapeutic frame. The establishment of systemic therapy, centered on the functioning of the family, has henceforth reinforced this demonstration. The action of the psychotherapist is thus situated as a kind of social action, capable of supporting certain conditions of a propension, but not of all of them in yoga poses terms of a goal for psychotherapy, this implies that the therapist and his patient are able to evaluate what changes are possible in yoga poses a given situation. A married patient may discover that at the heart of his couple relationship, there are no longer any sexual relations possible and may prefer, to remain in yoga poses the relationship nonetheless. This choice implies the analysis of high stakes that are not all of a sexual nature. Again, nonetheless, if the rapport between libido and sexuality remain unchanged, it will remain pathogenic even if it is accepted.

This brings us back to Guy Cellerier’s impossible agenda. Even if choices are inevitable, they always have a price. It would seem that human organisms can survive with an impossible agenda, but they do not have the resources to manage their complexity. For Reich, this analysis expresses a form of resignation. He believed that this complexity could be mastered in yoga poses a coherent way.

Reich told his patients that the developments that were not able to be accomplished by them today because of the political situation would have to be undertaken by their children. For Reich, a patient who really understood his message would necessarily became a militant for life, someone who wants that the humanity of tomorrow become more human than the one of today. This was already the gamble of the women’s liberation movements. Some social changes are at least as important for the well-being of everyone as the change that can be accomplished by psychotherapy.

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