10 Best Yoga Poses

10 Best Yoga Poses

Video media provides a better vehicle for learning the basic movements of Qi Gong than what I can show you through this book. Therefore, I recommend going online and visiting YouTube. Search for “Qi Gong for Beginners” to get access to a number free videos that will show you some basic Qi Gong movements that you can begin to practice. Ideally, enroll into a series of Qi Gong or Tai Chi classes in your area to gain one on one instruction from an experienced practitioner.


The practice of yoga asanas (postures) serves a variety of purposes. To obtain advanced physical flexibility is not the primary aim in Oriental yoga and does not indicate an advanced yoga practice. More important than physical flexibility is the overall smooth distribution of Qi, blood and the capacity for one to remain mentally equanimous (stable, balanced, unmoving) in the presence of both pleasant and unpleasant sensations that are triggered by yoga asanas.

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Asanas serve the following purposes:

1. To support and tone the Qi, blood and overall life force of the practitioner

2. To keep the physical body healthy and posture balanced therefore reducing unnecessary illness and suffering

3. To reduce physical distractions when engaged in meditation

4. To trigger the release of suppressed feelings and emotions that have been stored in the tissues of the body

5. To cultivate inner qualities of focus, attention and determination Meditation & Contemplation

Traditional meditation in the formal sense refers to sitting quietly and engaging in some kind of mental technique of attention. One of the main benefits of formal meditation practice is the development of concentration. When the mind and attention become concentrated it is much easier for the mind to penetrate any task it is given and therefore provides the foundation for any further mental based training.

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